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    Yumi is a nature lover and very passionate about flowers. It is a labor of love for her to hand press and dry delicate flowers and ferns. She then patiently extracts the tiny, paper thin flower petals and leaves with fine tweezers and creates cheerful and colorful botanical flower jewelry designs preserved in resin.

    Yumi is a metalsmith and expert in bench jewelry techniques which include soldering joints, hand-stenciling, cutting patterns, flex shaft drilling/burring, stone setting, metal and stone sanding/polishing and intricate wire-wrapping.

    She is trained in the Ancient Art of Sedefkar (Mother of Pearl Inlay) from the University of Gaziantep in Turkey.

    Jewelry materials are ethically sourced direct from gemstone miners and special attention is given to ensure the finest quality gems and metals.  Yumi greatly enjoys traveling to hunt for amazing and unique materials including her yearly trips to the best gem shows in Tucson, AZ and Denver, CO.