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    Yumi Chen is an accomplished concert violinist, professional pastry chef, and mathematician. In 2003, she redefined herself as a jewelry designer and entrepreneur, launching her online store at yumichen.com.

    While growing up in Scarsdale New York, Yumi was a serious violin student, a pursuit requiring both creativity and great precision. Years of success in competitions and performances might have led Yumi to a future spent in concert halls, but her academic interests instead brought her to Boston to study mathematics.

    While earning her degree, Yumi discovered that the food industry - pastry, in particular - offered a career path which combined her creative talents with her attention to detail. After earning her B.A., Yumi moved to Europe, studied pastry at the illustrious Ritz Escoffier in Paris, and spent several years working in New York and Boston's best restaurants. In addition to earning accolades from a top New York food critic, Yumi learned how to run a successful business. Just as her future seemed certain, however, Yumi was injured in a work-related accident, which required a long recovery period.

    And so it was by virtue of an accident that Yumi began her own jewelry business. Her experience as a pastry chef gave her a unique sense of color and balance; her time in Europe, which included an inspiring visit to Venice, exposed her to the world's most beautiful glass; Yumi's years of experience in the food industry taught her how to run a successful business; her background in mathematics and music imbued her with an appreciation for precision and care - qualities which are found in each beautiful piece of jewelry she makes.

    Over the past thirteen years, Yumi has greatly expanded her handmade jewelry collections. She currently offers over 500 unique designs, specializing in natural semi-precious stones, Venetian glass and Swarovski crystals. Other materials used include .925 sterling silver and 14kt gold-filled (14/20) ear hooks, clasps, and findings.

    Yumi is trained in the Ancient Art of Sedefkar (Mother of Pearl Inlay) from the University of Gaziantep in Turkey. In her jewelry making, Yumi uses techniques of hand-stenciling patterns, drilling and hand-cutting stones, and intricate wire-wrapping.

    Yumi has been very fortunate to continually showcase her jewelry in unique stores and boutiques, high-profile fashion events, magical holiday and craft markets, inspiring fundraising/charity events, outdoor festivals and online. Her designs have garnered numerous press mentions including New York Magazine, Star Magazine, Life & Style Magazine, Accessories Magazine, NBC’s Sunday Today in NY, WB11’s Morning News, ABC’s Eyewitness News, Dailycandy.com, WWD.com, Stylebakery.com, and more.

    “The iridescent sparkle, shimmer and glow of Yumi’s jewelry enlivens the spirit, promotes beauty in your soul, enhances your wardrobe and simply makes you smile!”